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Top 10 Items To Better Your Small Business

We know there usually aren’t enough hours in the day when running a small business - products, sales, websites, premises, people, meetings, marketing… it's all go, all of the time. As a small business ourselves we know that a bit of informed advice can make things that little bit easier… so we thought it might be helpful to list some our Top 10 Purposeful items for Small Businesses.

…you may have seen before but don't forget, you can reimagine your logo & brand colours to create something that can breathe a little fresh air into your business (and we can always help on the ideas side).

  • T-shirt

The classic go-to item.

But, why not? T-shirts make your brand feel real! Worn by the staff, customers, friends & family… think of a tee as a walking billboard - which isn't a bad thing if you also had brand recognition on your mind.

Some ideas for you could be to go with a different style or fit the classic cut style. We have some different cuts of T-shirts laid out below. Also adding woven labels to either the hem or sleeve gives that premium feel.


  • Shorts

Maybe not your first thought… by everyone has that friend that wears shorts all year round - The professional short wearer.

Not only are they a summer hot pick, but they also come in as a good budget-friendly option.

These can be embroidered or screen printed with your branding to give them that designer brand feel.

Most people have fewer shorts than t-shirts in their wardrobe, so think about it... These are more likely to be seen in the streets.


  • Crew socks

If you’re wearing shorts, You may have a nice pair of socks to go with them.

Socks are great to get your brand out there. a subtle nod to your brand, Great for gifting to friends and family or influencers… or add them to your merchandise portfolio as cheeky little basket filler at the till. Stripes. Spots. Whatever, Make it yours.


  • Coffee Cups

Let your customers take your brand around town. A coffee shop and a roastery favourite, but don't let that stop you from expressing yourself all over some cups. I think it would be safe to say most people need more than one cup of coffee these days. Let your customers or clients add this to the roster.


  • Flags

Flying high for brand identity. Represent your team, club, bar or restaurant. Available in an array of shapes and sizes. They can be used on indoor bedroom walls to outdoor 30ft flag poles.

A very versatile item, these can be provided with metal eyelets, pole sleeves or both.

Or you can even go for the self-standing feather flags to welcome your guests at the door.


  • Keyrings

A Keyring is one of the most popular gifts and incentives ever created.

They come in a vast choice of materials from Rubber, PVC, Enamel & Leather

You can even have your keyring with some practicality.. Like opening up a cold beer.

  • Tote Bags

A great eco-friendly way to get your brand out there, reusable, organic and sustainable. What more could you ask for?

Prepared in 5oz, 8oz &10oz canvas cotton, these are available to purchase on our online store.

Finish these with a crispy screen print or a bold embroidery and these will be sure to not hang about for long.

  • USB Sticks

A student favourite. These are sure to be found around campus. Quick, Simple, Purposeful Branding. As you can see most of the items on this list can be used every day, although USB Flash Drives in particular really stand out. Now available in USB-C.

  • Insulated Water Bottles

Fantastic for giveaways at Conferences and Events to relieve plastic usage. Even just to add on to your expanding range of merchandise. Water Bottles are great in the real world for the busy on the go. Cold water can stay cold for 48hrs and hot drinks can stay hot for 12hrs. Stainless Steel and fully certified.

  • Headwear

The extra seasonal option. Beanies do wonder for winter & Caps keep you shaded in summer. 

Beanies you might think are all the same but, No! Choose different fits and styles, thermal winter warmers or an on-trend accessory like the Trawler and Fisherman style beanies.

Caps come in Classic Baseball, 5-Panel, 6-Panel, Trucker, Snapback, or Dad Cap and more

These can also be made completely bespoke by adding your own logos by means of Embroidery, Woven Label, Patch and in some cases Print.

Hopefully, this has helped you decipher what is right for your brand or business's next purchase and hopefully has made it a purposeful one.

If you would like to enquire with us about any of the items above, please feel free to do so.

Fill out our online form here or contact us via hello@materialgoodsco.co.uk

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